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Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

The main advantages of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls compared to conventional reinforced concrete walls are their ease of installation, smaller footing, reduction in below grade area, and quick construction. They do not require formwork (other than footings and copings) or curing and each steel strap layer is structurally sound as it is laid, reducing the need for support, scaffolding or cranes. They also do not require additional work on the facing.

MSE Walls

Page Olive Extension - Creve Couer, MO

  • MSE walls can be built in confined areas or areas where a concrete wall is almost impossible to be constructed
  • MSE walls can be used as tall structures exceeding more than 60 feet of wall height
  • Inherently flexible allowing minor differential movement without compromising the structural integrity of the wall
  • Most common application is heavy highway projects where space is limited and heavy surcharges are present
  • Built with zero batter so they have a smaller site footprint
  • Accommodates traffic barriers and rails on top of wall

MSE Walls

Guthrie Road - Lake St. Louis, MO

  • High seismic load resistance
  • Various shapes and forms can be made
  • Excavation work for footings is reduced
  • MSE walls can be built on poor soil areas
  • Very stable semi-rigid wall system
  • Mainly heavy highway, railways, mining