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ROSCH owns ROSCH Engineering which provides retaining wall and structural designs per specifications, or design-build drawings specifically engineered and tailored to the project, to the application, and with any limitations. ROSCH Engineering optimizes their construction projects by producing timely and responsible designs that streamline the construction process. ROSCH in-house engineers have the technical capability to incorporate all components of the design, such as soils design, global stability, and wall design, with the project requirements to produce the timeliest and most cost effective solution. ROSCH has 7 engineers on staff that have been providing budgets from the simplest to the most complex designs for over 4 years now. ROSCH Engineering has the benefit of being an in-house engineering firm that coordinates each step of the process with estimating and construction divisions.

Cut Sheet Modular Block

Engineering Modular Block

Cut Sheet Mortared Limestone

Engineering Mortared Limestone