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Modular Block Walls

Modular block walls are dry-stacked systems that can generally tolerate movement and settlement without causing significant structural distress at the face because the modular block units may move and adjust relative to each other. These walls are inherently flexible allowing minor differential movement without compromising the structural integrity of the wall. This contrasts with more rigid retaining structures such as cast-in-place concrete and conventional mortared masonry walls. ROSCH utilizes a variety of modular block systems, including but not limited to Omega, Venture, Versa Lok, Keystone, Allan Block, Rockwood, and Anchor.

Modular Block Wall

Sonoma Mesa Development - San Antonio, TX

  • They are cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, earth retaining wall structures that typically offer a 25% to 40% cost advantage over conventional cast-in-place concrete retaining walls
  • Can be efficiently designed and constructed in a tiered arrangement to provide a large wall but broken up to reduce the visual impact
  • Numerous aesthetic options for the facing - most versatile system with multiple colors, shapes, textures, and sizes

Modular block units offer the site designer flexibility with respect to retaining wall locations, wall layout, height, and constructability. This typical small size and weight of modular block units permit the construction of walls in difficult access locations. Modular block units offer the designer ability to incorporate tight curves or corners at a site and satisfy other complex architectural layouts. They are also easily constructed around trees or other site features.

Modular Block Wall

Ridgecrest - Arnold, MO

  • Modular block walls offer one of the best values in earth retaining wall systems
  • Cost-effective for difficult sites (i.e. sites with steep slopes above or below wall)
  • Modular Block walls can be engineered to fit most all retaining wall needs
  • Very efficient for tall walls